Our Services

Procurement Consultancy Service 

This is a completely tailored service. Working with you to review your existing supply chain and make recommendations on how this can be improved. By reviewing your existing:

-          Purchasing Strategy and how it supports your organisation.

 -          Purchasing processes. 

-          Suppliers and what measures you have in place to manage them.

 We will deliver a cost-effective solution to reduce costs both in the short and long term. We will be happy to continue this relationship to ensure that savings are delivered and new opportunities are identified. 

Outsourced Service. 

This is a free service. Tell us what you require and if we canít buy it cheaper, all you will lose is the price of a telephone call. But you could make major saving in both time and cost. Because if we can buy it cheaper and you place your business through us, we will manage the supplier, arrange delivery etc. and pass on all the savings to you. We recover our cost by levying a small premium on the supplier,  which will be fully included in the price we quote to you. 

Call us today on 01268 581680 and take advantage of our experience and start saving money